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Simon Bejer

Steeped in the traditions of Western art history and with an emphasis on seductive materials, Simon works across a broad range of media to explore and subvert past and present ideas of beauty, taste and the picturesque. Born in Melbourne and based in London, Simon brings his extensive experience in theatre design to bear on many aspects of his artistic practice; in the construction of spatial and material illusions and the creation of a sense of drama and suggested narratives. Play, wonder and absurdity are central to his approach, which also prizes skill, material experimentation and decorative spectacle.


Taking cues from historical styles, especially the Baroque and Rococo, and distorted through the geographical distance of his origin, he freely mashes-up the languages of earlier periods with contemporary references from popular culture such as Disney films and ready-made toys, embodying the saturated intensity of life in the 21st century. To Simon there are no distinctions; all is material for the plunder.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.