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Stephen Felstead

Stephen Felstead was born in Hamshire in 1957 and moved to Cornwall in 190. For many years he worked at sea in the Merchant Navy and dredging. Living in Mousehole near the fishing port of Newlyn it was inevitable that he should become a fisherman. He had his own small boat working out of Mousehole and also going away on netters and trawlers out of Newlyn. For a time he worked on a ‘super crabber’ on Gurnsey and was particularly impressed by the colourful boats filling the harbours of the islands. It was from this that he took his inspiration for his pastel boat paintings.


Although Stephen has had no formal art training he has always sketched and painted and in 1998 found that his pastel paintings of boats attracted interest from local galleries. He believes that having an art degree is not everything. He feels that training can stifle ones originality and ability to paint with freedom. His atmospheric seascapes depict the movement and moods of the sea as seen 150 miles off Lands End, not as is usually the case from the shore or cliffs. Without his experiences at sea Stephen feels it would be impossible to create these works, remembering the highs and lows, particularly those experienced as a fisherman.



His work has been exhibited throughout England and he has sold to collectors worldwide.



Courtesy of the artist’s website.