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Steven Lindsay

After studying Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art I embarked on a career in the music industry with my group The Big Dish. The band released three albums and I later made two solo records. I also worked as a designer, art director and illustrator before returning to painting, which came back to me almost like a calling.


The similarities I found between music and painting are striking, in the composition, subject matter, relative values, rhythm, harmony and even choosing a title for a particular piece. I believe my life’s journey is represented in my work.


I became a full time painter in 2011 after being shortlisted for Scotland’s Aspect Art prize.


“like revisiting Vermeer in the Dutch Golden Age of painterly skill against the Colour Field of Rothko, all intertwined with an aesthetic twist of contemporary, complex-simplicity. Lindsay using his paintbrush eloquently, capturing painterly conversations between the art history giants of a bygone age and a bygone art.”


Estelle Lovatt BBC Art critic


Courtesy of the artist’s website.