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Suzi Stephens

I have been painting for over 30 years with a background in portraiture, life drawing & anatomical studies.

Living in Penwith has changed the direction of my work completely. Now it’s ancient sites, coast, moors & farm animals! All weathers and colours. Huge skies and tides – misty grey to cornflower blue.


The ritual of walking or cycling out to each chosen place helps create a closer connection. Direct observation begins with several visits. Then off to the studio armed with drawings, colour notes and photos where needed. It is vital to impart a feeling of the place explored. Colour plays a key role in describing the weather & temperature. Layers of thinner paint leave faint traces of changing conditions.


Scale goes from 6 inches to 3 feet outside, up to 6 feet in the studio, oil on canvas.


The odd person may appear in the picture, if they stay a while. Scent of flowers, grass, damp earth, salty sea mix with birdsong and moving water. Seasons come and go. Light & weather shift.


The paintings act as a diary recording precious moments in our time of uncertainty and upheaval. They are a celebration of nature in all its power & fragility.


Information courtesy of the Artist’s website.