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The Phantomat

The Phantomat cannot perceive reality as it is agreed upon by most because of his synesthesia and clairvoyance. He can hear colours and communicate with spirits.


The system through which most navigate reality is subversively used in his work as a tool to create art with a touch of humour and therefore charge perception with imagination. He performs and enacts among the borders of space/time and our sensory experiences. Inspired by the concept of a scientific experiment he creates a setting in which the artist becomes a player in his own game. The objective is to download other realities while having the courage to produce beautiful art.


For example, his 2007 project at the Museum of Architecture in Vienna involved spectators travelling with the artist on a bus tour, whilst he, blinded to the external view, drew his perceptions of the surrounding cityscape.


His paintings on silk from 2017-present are a documentation of the worlds accessed through self-hypnosis. During this altered state of consciousness he perceives colours that do not exist on earth, mathematical shapes and symbols.


The Phantomat (*1977) grew up in Frankfurt and Costa Rica, and lived in Vienna before moving to London in 2012.


Group exhibitions include: Humanity, Sotheby’s, London (2023), Queerhana, NGBK, Berlin (2007), InDiaogue, Nottingham Contemporary (2008), Sundays 101, Museum of Architecture, Vienna (2007). Awards: Theodor Körner Art Prize (2007) and the Sussmann Art Prize (2006). Public Purchases include: The Federal Chancellery of Austria (2005). Solo exhibitions include: Clashy Drawings, Grant by the European Year of Science and Creativity (2007).


Courtesy of the artist’s website.