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Tomilola Olumide

Tomilola Olumide is a Nigerian Multidisciplinary Artist whose art practice documents her personal history as autobiographical assemblages, alongside her understanding of the world which reflects complex fabrics of human existence inspired by her upbringing in Lagos, Nigeria and her navigation of life in adulthood.


Her experiences become memory banks that influence discussions on identity, memory, emotional landscapes, being and materiality and are portrayed in mixed media experiments, sculpture and site-specific installations, painting, collage, digital art, performance art, poetry and written musings.


Tomilola uses her physical body, found objects, personal memorabilia and materials such as textile fabrics, plaster and paint as expressions of medium and explorations of memory, intimacy, sensuality and aesthetics between herself and subjects in her practice.


Her studio practice is currently based in Birmingham, UK where she recently completed an Artist Residency program at Stryx Gallery called Spot VR Residency between September and November 2023. There she developed her self-directed virtual reality residency project ‘Wa wọ’ (Come and See), a playful experimentation of VR technology and its incorporation into her existing practice; navigating drawing and sculpture at the intersection of virtual reality as an art medium, which’s exhibition concludes on November 30th. 


Prior to this her recent projects and exhibitions include (Algo | Afro) Futures Vivid Projects, Birmingham (2023), EOP Summer Camp 2023 Show and Micro Residency, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2023), I AM & NOTHING ELSE, Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos (2022), Beyond Otherness, Open Hand Open Space Gallery, Reading (2021), Rest and Repair, Platform Black x UCLH, London (2021). 

Tomilola received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art England, where she studied Interdisciplinary art studies and graduated with First Class Honours in 2020.


She is focused on expanding her artistic practice and career between her studio practice and research, occupying more residencies and exhibitions, collaborative projects with other practitioners, pursuing postgraduate study, curatorial projects, workshop facilitation, commercial work, commissions and institutional projects through time


Biography courtesy of the artist’s website.