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Twinkle Troughton

Tinsel & Twinkle met when they were 9, over a pot of poster paints at their first school. Since that fortuitous meeting they have spent years collaborating and exhibiting their art works including identical degree shows at their universities, Tinsel was at Goldsmiths and Twinkle at Kingston. They work as individual artists but sharing a history and similar creative concerns, they often join forces to collaborate on projects and exhibit together. In the summer of 2013 the pair were in Vienna for their duo show Affluence and Avarice alongside which they also did a two week residency.



Other projects include co-curating exhibitions for Vyner Street’s Cultivate Gallery and Redchurch Street’s Outside World gallery. The duo also stage public art events such as the Kidnapped Banker stunt where a ‘banker’ was held within a gallery space while the public were encouraged to leave their thoughts about the current financial crisis on bespoke banknotes.


They also spent seven years in a group known as The Fairies (and are still often referred to as that) along with Tinky and Sparkle. The Fairies would spend their time granting wishes to all they met whilst gigging, recording and touring with their band The Fairies Band.



The duo have been featured and interviewed in Run Riot, Zeitgeist Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Spain’s El Pais newspaper, Metro Newspaper, Plus1 Magazine, Amelia’s Magazine amongst others. For a list of press and for copies please get in touch here.



Images and information on each of their projects can be found at the sub headings underneath ‘Twinkle and Tinsel’.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.