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William Frazer
(1864 — 1961)

Born in Scone in 1864, William Miller Frazer began his artistic training at the Perth Academy where he met his patron, the whisky magnate, Sir Thomas R Dewar. In 1897, Frazer settled to Edinburgh. He gained acclaim with his first solo exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in ’84. Frazer travelled to Algeria, Holland, Italy and Norway, developing his work and technique. This immense body of work contributed to an incredible 78 exhibitions at the RSA between 1884 and 1961. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1909 and later became a full Academician in 1924. Frazer was commemorated with a display of three of his works at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1962. He still remembered to this day with his colourful landscapes. William Frazer is remembered as Perthshire’s oldest artist to date, dying at the age of 97.