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Zayd Menk

Zayd Menk is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working within sculpture and installation. Menk’s practice attempts to dissect modern technology as a hyperobject—delving into the omnipresent force that defines our era.


At the core of his work lies inquiry into the ethical, social, and ecological implications of technological progress. From the exploitation of natural resources and labor to the impact of planned obsolescence and consumer culture, Menk probes the vast and innumerable tangents that arise from our engagement with technology.


Using electronic waste as his primary material, Menk creates landscapes and interactive installations—confronting the paradoxes and contradictions inherent in our relationship with technology—considering the possibilities and limitations of our agency in a world increasingly dominated by machines.


Menk’s practice has gained notable recognition, including features in CNN’s Great Big Story, Aesthetica Magazine, Designboom, Wallpaper* Magazine, The Guardian, Hypebeast, My Modern Met, Time Out London, and Google’s social media. He was also recently selected for the New Contemporaries 2023 program.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.