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Zoi Pappa

​I have a dual identity as a contemporary artist and indipendent curator. I am the owner of the alternative project space Zoi’s and occasionally work as an art tutor in several institutions. I was employee of the Exhibition Department of Glasgow School of Art and the Contemporary Art space Tramway (Glasgow-Scotland). I was part of the Reconstruction Community, a platform initiated by a group of art theorists and historians, architects, sociologists and artists. The starting point had been the rethinking of the actual scene of Athens as a contemporary metropolis.


​​My art is a reaction against the prevailing values and structures of society. It is a romantic refusal of that ‘sense of reality’ which strives to invade and control the personal sphere of emotions.


Through the use and reconstruction of symbols, I attempt to achieve a ‘non-sense’ and an incoherence that leads to the entire exploration of the inner sense and the substance.
My desire is to go beyond the values of current morality, to return to innocence and create a world independent of any logic or principle.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.