ACS & Bridgeman Images at ‘DMU Art Network’
February 6, 2019
ACS’ Senior Manager, Kimberley Ahmet, and sister company Bridgeman Images' Artist’s Manager, Aretha Campbell, were invited by ACS member Brendan Neiland and De Montfort University to take part in the official launch of De Montfort University’s ‘DMU Art Network’.

The Art Network was set up to provide support and essential resources to recent graduates of De Montfort University in a bid to ease the transition from student to professional artist.

The ACS talk provided audience members with a practical guide covering the nature of copyright, the works that copyright and ARR apply to, the practicalities of administering royalties, contracts and copyright infringement.

As most of our members know, ACS has been educating emerging artists on their intellectual property rights through a series of talks and workshops designed to debunk the myths that surround copyright and the Artist’s Resale Right since 2010. De Montfort University is one of the latest universities to invite ACS to be part of their arts professional practice programme.

To find out more about ACS’ talks and events regarding artists’ intellectual property rights, including information on how to arrange a talk at your institution, please visit the ACS website here.