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ACS Talk at Kingston University of the Arts
February 9, 2017
Both copyright and the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) offer a great source of protection and revenue for artists across the world.

However, we have found that many young artists are still unsure of the rights and protection afforded to them by the law. In today’s multi-media world it is especially important for artists to be as savvy as possible about their work and what rights they are entitled to.


Last year, ACS partnered with a number of leading arts universities to deliver a range of talks that have been designed to debunk the confusion that often surrounds copyright and ARR. Most recently we have taken part in Kingston School of Art’s Professional Skills Development course, providing the students with a clear and practical guide that covers the nature of copyright, the work that copyright and ARR apply to, the practicalities of administering the royalties, contracts and copyright infringement. The talk also provided students with a number of simple ways that they can protect their work, as well as an introduction into image licensing and best practice.


The next ACS student talk will be held at Falmouth University of the Arts.