Angela Palmer 'Anthropocene', 2015
Courtesy of the Fine Art Society

Angela Palmer: 'Anthropocene' at Fine Art Society
November 12, 2015
ACS member Angela Palmer is taking part in a joint exhibition at the Fine Art Society this month with Janet Laurence.

The title of the exhibition, Anthropocene, is taken from the proposed name for the new geological epoch due to supersede the current Holocene and its meaning (from the Greek anthropo meaning ‘man’ and cene meaning ‘new’) refers to the prevailing impact of human life on earth.

Both artists taking part are interested in humanity’s effect on the planet and environment and the exhibited works will respond to this interest. Palmer has created a sculptural timeline for the exhibition, using a ‘spine’ of rocks taken from all over Britain, which will allow the visitor to take a 3000m-year walk through geological history, culminating in a sculpture by the artist representing the Anthropocene epoch.

17 Nov – 27 Nov

The Fine Art Society Contemporary, 148 New Bond Street, London W1S 2JT