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Announcing the Winner of the ACS/Falmouth Materials Prize 2017
May 4, 2017
As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, the Artists' Collecting Society is committed to supporting the artistic community through a range of initiatives.

For the first time, ACS has partnered with Falmouth University to offer one second year student a £1,000 prize to contribute to the cost of materials in the final year of their undergraduate degree.

We are delighted to announce that this year's ACS/Falmouth Materials Prize has been awarded to Emily Tapp.


On receiving the award, Emily said:


“What this means for my third year practice and the scope for my potential degree show works is immense. It also confirms funding for a self initiated residency of sorts, later this year, for me to completely immerse myself in a foreign landscape and make work within it. I am slightly overwhelmed and incredibly excited to use this award to make my most ambitious work yet. “


We wish Emily every success in her final year, and look forward to reporting on how the ACS/Falmouth Materials Prize will contribute to preparations ahead of her degree show in 2018.







Swanpool Headland #2
Earth, graphite frottage, rainwater, cotton thread and natural fatsia japonia seed head dye on linen.