Eleanor McCullogh and Alex Weir with their degree show work.
Images courtesy of Edinburgh College of Art.

Announcing the winners of the ACS/Edinburgh College of Art Studio Award
June 21, 2017
We are delighted to announce the winners of two 12-month studio residencies awarded by ACS in partnership with the Edinburgh College of Art.



Eleanor McCullogh, Fine Art MA (Hons) and Alex Weir, Painting BA (Hons) are the recipients of two fully funded 12-month studio residencies awarded for the first time by ACS in partnership with the Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh.


For further information on the award and its recipients, please visit the Edinburgh College of Art here.


On receiving the award, Alex Weir said “I know how difficult it is for graduating artists to find studio spaces and continue producing work after leaving university so I am very grateful to be able to work in a studio, alongside other artists – something I would not have been able to do so soon without this award.”


Eleanor McCulloch echoed these comments: “For me the ACS Award means more than just a studio, it means financial stability, creative independence and, most importantly, the luxury of time to make.”


We are proud to assist the graduates in establishing their new studios, and look forward to visiting them in the autumn for an update on their latest work.