Detail of On the Table, 2023 © Cathie Pilkington. Courtesy of Karsten Schubert London and Perou.

Cathie Pilkington: Weird Horses
April 12, 2023
‘Located somewhere between the classical and the unconscious, Weird Horses is a dialectical mash-up of empires and civilizations, sex and death, birth and rebirth, girls, ponies and rainbows’ - Karsten Schubert London

‘Weird Horses’ at Karsten Schubert London is an exhibition that offers to present a return to equestrian sculpture.


This solo show by ACS member Cathie Pilkington centres itself upon the ancient image of the horse and notably marks the artist’s transition from the politics of the figure. The restrained formality derived from the latent classism in Pilkington’s new work starkly contrasts with the sprawling excess and visual complexity foregrounded in the artist’s previous installations.


Until 21 Apr – 27 May
Karsten Schubert London, 44 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LP