Does the Artist’s Resale Right apply to eBay?
January 25, 2024
The Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) is generated every time a work of art is re-sold by an art market professional.

The platform used, whether it be eBay or other web-based platforms, has no impact on the application of the royalty (providing the sale qualifies under the other criteria).


As such the Artist’s Resale Right will apply if a professional art trader uses an internet-based service or an internet platform to sell your work as long as your work qualifies under the other criteria.


Only works that are re-sold between two private individuals and museums – i.e. non art market professionals – are exempt from the royalty.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about a work’s eligibility for the Artist’s Resale Right.


More information, including how to report eligible sales and transactions, can be found on the ACS  Art Market Professionals page.