Gentle Motorsaio Head, 2015, dolomitic limestone, 56x80x70. Image Courtesy of The Fine Art Society

Emily Young's 'Call and Response' Arrives in London
July 29, 2015
Call and Response is the second ​​iteration of a​ ​major exhibition of new work by ACS artist Emily Young. Previously on display in Venice, the celebrated exhibition has arrived in London for the second part of its international run.​


Using rock from the quarries near her studio in the Etruscan hills, Young’s work brings together the time-honoured principals of stone ca​rving with a progressive and informed approach to both form and composition. Uniting the contemporary with the classic, Young’s work encourages the viewer to question mankind’s relationship with stone and its source of origin; the earth.


For more information about the exhibition visit the Fine Art Society’s website here.