'Jea de la Terre', 2023 © Emily Young. Rainbow Onyx, h 28 cm.
Courtesy of Emily Young.

Emily Young: Pareidolia in stone
October 17, 2023
Richard Green, in association with Willoughby Gerrish, will be hosting an exhibition of new work by Emily Young at the Richard Green Gallery in New Bond Street from 25 October.

‘Pareidolia in stone’ will showcase twenty new heads and toros by the ACS member.


“These works are a continuation of my preoccupation with the human project of connecting again with the wonder that is our mother planet. The stillness of the stone I work with, though potentially the product of cataclysmic planetwide activities over the aeons, continues to invite profound human responses, compassion, wonder, gratitude, regret.” – Emily Young


25 Oct – 10 Nov
Richard Green Gallery, 33 New Bond Street, London W1S 2RS