Michael Craig-Martin, Art & Design 1917 © 2013. Courtesy of the artist and The Fine Art Society.

Fine Art Society's 'What Marcel Duchamp Taught Me'
October 19, 2014


October sees the opening of the Fine Art Society Contemporary curated exhibition What Marcel Duchamp Taught Me in which over 50 contemporary artists respond to the eclectic work of the influential French artist.



ACS artists and trustees Rob and Nick Carter have created two readymade-inspired artworks for this exciting exhibition, drawing upon their longstanding fascination with the colour spectrum and exploring new themes as a response to Duchamp’s interest in defeating chance. Using glass, fluorescent lighting and an appropriated vintage roulette wheel respectively, Rob and Nick Carter’s contributions are clever, teasing tributes to the revolutionary work of Duchamp.



The work of ACS artist Martin Creed is also featured in this bold exhibition alongside ACS artist Michael Craig-Martin. Both artists have used paper in their work, the former presenting Work #869, a crumpled sheet on a plinth, whilst the latter has featured a bold inkjet illustration of some of Duchamp’s most notable works.



The work of ACS artist Angela Palmer takes an entirely different approach, with animal vertebrae dipped in silver reflecting Duchamp’s legacy of readymade artworks; whilst ACS artist Chris Levine has created an original, alluring piece of his signature light art by scanning one of Duchamp’s own chess pieces and transforming the image into a hologram, which visitors can see floating with unnerving realism in this diverse exhibition.






Until 5 Nov
The Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, London W1S 2JT