Hubert Dalwood Sculpture Returns to University of Leeds
May 19, 2016
The University of Leeds has welcomed the return of one of its largest pieces of art. The aluminium sculpture by ACS artist Hubert Dalwood has returned to public display following restoration.

Untitled Bas-Relief was commissioned by the University in 1961, where the 6.4m by 6m sculpture decorated the Bodington Hall of Residence for over five decades. When the building was demolished in 2013 the Grade II listed sculpture was carefully removed and stored before finding an appropriate home.


The University’s contemporary performance space, the stage@leeds building, has welcomed the installation of the large scale sculpture in a most prominent position for students, staff and visitors to enjoy the work of one of Britain’s leading post-War sculptors.


For more information on the unveiling of the sculpture, visit the University of Leeds website here.