Kim Booker and Laura Ford: 'The Guts and The Glory'
February 11, 2024
ACS members Kim Booker and Laura Ford are currently featured in Bo Lee and Workman's exhibition 'The Guts and The Glory' in Somerset. ⁣
Showcasing the work of six painters and sculptors, the exhibition asks viewers to consider historical motifs in a contemporary setting. Where Booker’s painterly style is firmly rooted in the modern tradition, her semi-autobiographical works display the influence of German Expressionism, idiosyncratic British paintings, and American Abstract Expressionism.⁣

Comparatively, Ford’s life-size bronze sculptures refer to a visit made by Queen Marie Antoinette to a baroque palace in 1770. The works depict the local people who were presented to the French queen. In portraying the twirling figures with puppet-like faces and roots growing from their clogs, Ford prevents the girls from elevating their appearances, critiquing children’s illusion of refinement when playing Kings and Queens.⁣
Until 2 Mar