'Lucian Freud: Real Lives' at Tate Liverpool
September 25, 2021
'Lucian Freud: Real Lives' is a new exhibition now open at Tate Liverpool. The show focuses on ACS member Lucian Freud's portraiture through a variety of media including painting, etching and photography.⁣

At the heart of the exhibition is an exploration of Freud’s paintings through the relationships between the artist and his sitters. Notoriously a deeply private person, Freud often only asked those closest to him to sit for portraits. The pieces on display include some of his most celebrated works, including portraits of his first wife Kitty Garman, friend and long-time studio assistant, David Dawson, and the artist’s mother, Lucie Freud.⁣


Until 16 Jan 2022⁣
Find more information on the Tate Liverpool website.⁣