'River'. Still from 'Sky Burial' © Mat Collishaw. Courtesy of the artist.

Mat Collishaw: Fauré’s Requiem
November 10, 2023
'The film is a work of baroque sensibility, both shockingly beautiful and liberating, injecting Fauré's masterpiece with a contemporary grittiness' - Artmuse, London.⁣
At 7.30pm on 20 November ‘Fauré’s Requiem’ will be performed by The Insula Orchestra and Accentus chorus, accompanied by Mat Collishaw’s film Sky Burial at the Barbican Centre.⁣

‘Sky Burial”s video sequence will respond to a live performance conducted by Laurence Equilbey with poignant images drawn from everyday life and nature. The ACS member’s film will highlight and amplify Fauré’s score to create a powerful and unique sensory experience.

Tickets are available for purchase on the Barbican website.⁣