Modernising European Copyright Framework - Call for Views
November 30, 2016
The Intellectual Property Office is calling on UK rights holders, businesses and consumers to submit their views on new European copyright proposals.

Draft framework was published by the European Commission on 14 September 2016 regarding legislation aimed at modernising the current European copyright framework. This draft legislation features:


  • a draft Regulation and Directive implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for the benefit of visually impaired people. This is intended to ensure that people who are visually impaired or otherwise print disabled are better able to access copyright content in accessible formats
  • a draft Regulation on the exercise of copyright and related rights in certain online transmissions by broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes
  • a draft copyright Directive covering a range of measures aimed at: (i) adapting exceptions and limitations to the digital and cross-border environment (ii) ensuring wider access to copyright content (iii) achieving a well-functioning marketplace for copyright



For more information on the proposed legislation, and to add your voice to the call for views, please visit the IPO website here.