Anna Gillespie, 'Dappled Sleep' 2014
Bronze, edition of 6

New Works by Anna Gillespie at Beaux Arts London
September 10, 2015
Powerful bronze sculptures are the focus of ACS artist Anna Gillespie's new exhibition of work held at Beaux Arts London.

Entitled 'New Works' the exhibition explores the artist's distinctive sculptural technique, which calls upon found natural objects such as acorns and leaves. Cast primarily in bronze, though the artist also works in wax, these organic forms are then arranged into larger sculptures which appear to express emotive and incredibly thoughtful images of the human condition.

Curator and art criticNicholas Usherwood writes in the foreword to the catalogue that Gillespie has "an ongoing fascination with the nature of the sculptural process, of matter as a revelator of unconscious emotion and thought." Be sure to experience this excellent exhibition for yourself at Beaux Arts London.





3 Sept – 2 Oct

Beaux Arts London

48 Maddox Street