The Dance (1988). Acrylic paint on paper on canvas. Tate collection. © Paula Rego

Paula Rego Retrospective at Tate Britain
January 19, 2021
The largest and most comprehensive retrospective of ACS artist Paula Rego’s work to date, is planned to take place at Tate Britain later this year.⁣

The show will feature a range of collages, paintings, large-scale pastels, ink and pencil drawings, etchings and sculpture. These will include early work from the 1950s in which Rego first explored personal as well as social struggle, her large pastels of single figures from the acclaimed "Dog Women" and "Abortion" series and her richly layered, staged scenes from the early 2000s.⁣

16 Jun – 24 Oct
More information is available on the Tate website.