'Scene Through Wood' at the Dorset Museum
February 10, 2022
'Scene Through Wood' is a celebration of the unique and skilled process of wood engraving and marks 100 years since the founding of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1922. In addition to curating the show, ACS Member Anne Desmet's wood engravings also feature in the exhibition.

Exploring the evolution of wood engraving through Romanticism, Modernism, abstraction and the photo-realist style, Scene Through Wood demonstrates the extraordinary versatility of the medium and illustrates the incredibly wide range of subject matter it has captured over time. The exhibition also features works by fellow ACS members Gertrude Hermes and Reynolds Stone, depicting scenes of work and play, war and suffering, industry, landscapes and urban environments.


Until 1 May
More information is available on the Dorset Museum website.