Intimacies of Space. Graphite on Paper with Coloured Card. 2017 © Luke Knight

Student Spotlight: Luke Knight, ACS x Loughborough Materials Prize 2019
May 7, 2020
The latest student to be featured in our Student Spotlight series is Luke Knight, recipient of the ACS x Loughborough Materials Prize in 2019.

ACS has partnered with more institutions than ever over the past year, awarding prizes, bursaries and residencies worth a record £33,750 to students throughout the UK.

We caught up with Luke, ahead of the end of his final-year, to see how his practice has developed since winning the award.



Q.How would you define your work in three words?


Figurative, Abstract and Intimate


Q. What medium do you mainly work with and why?


I mainly use drawing to express thoughts and concepts. Drawing has always been a familiar medium, there is a quiet narrative but a powerful energy in the act of mark-making, which has always allowed me to directly express myself. However, recently I have been reaching out into oil painting and using my drawings as preliminary sketches. I hope to develop my practice into painting and other mediums in the future.


Q.Where do you find the most inspiration for your work?


Most of my inspiration comes from the need to portray the figure and the significance of the being. In the past, I have found an interest in the theme of space.


Q.Take us through your working process.


Each drawing is guided by a quiet energy and the scale of the figures is dependent on the surrounding space of the paper. I would often portray a figure in my own liking, referring to myself as a guide in which to portray a figurative representation. My work is often intimate and demands my attention.



Untitled series, Graphite on paper with coloured pencil, 2019 © Luke Knight



Q.Can you remember the first work of art that you created? What was it and why was it so memorable?


Well, when I was… I think 8 years old. During an Art lesson in primary school, I had drawn a Red Dragon, flying in a blue night sky. I remembered the teacher being quite impressed with it and showing it to my Dad.


Q.What does winning the ACS x Loughborough Materials Prize mean for you as an artist?


It has been hugely rewarding to be recognised by the ACS. When I applied, I really did not think I would have a chance but winning the award has changed my perspective as an artist entirely. I now believe that my practise has validity.














Untitled Series, Graphite on Paper with Coloured Pencil, 2019 © Luke Knight




Q.How do you intend to use the prize money?


The prize money will allow me to support my practise in ways which I could not, it has been a huge privilege to have received the funding to fuel my work and studies.


Q.How will that help you as an artist?


The awarded funds have allowed me to support my practice in every way. Mainly covering all the cost of materials needed for my development as a young artist. But also, it is the recognition by the ACS which injects value into my growing practice.


Find out more about Luke Knight and follow his latest work on his website.