Vojtěch Kovařík: Linhas Tortas
October 14, 2023
ACS is delighted to announce that ACS member Vojtech Kovarik is currently participating in 'Linhas Tortas' at Mendes Wood DM Gallery!⁣

‘Linhas Tortas’ is a multi-venue international group exhibition that celebrates the entanglements of journeys and the power of storytelling, marking a decade of Mendes Wood DM. ⁣

The show is inspired by the Brazilian aphorism “deus escreve certo por linhas tortas”, which literally translates to “God writes straight with crooked lines” and metaphorically to “god works in mysterious ways”.⁣


Until 11 Nov
Rua Barra Funda 216, 01152 – 000, São Paulo, Brazil