'Study for Mornington Crescent, Summer Morning II', Frank Auerbach, 2004 © Frank Auerbach.

What is the Artist’s Resale Right?
January 23, 2024
The Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) is an intellectual property right that entitles UK and EEA artists to a percentage of the sale price whenever their artwork is resold on the open market in the UK or EEA.

It is treated (in the UK) as an inalienable right which can only be collected and distributed by a recognised collecting society such as ACS.


ARR was introduced into UK law in 2006 but only applied to living artists. This changed in January 2012 when the right was extended to include the estates of deceased artists. The right lasts for the copyright period of the life of the creator and 70 years after the creator’s death.


ARR royalties provide an invaluable form of financial aid for thousands of artists and their beneficiaries across the UK. At the heart of the Artist’s Resale Right is the intention that artists and their estates should benefit from the increasing value of their work.


Before the introduction of the ARR legislation, artists rarely benefited from the increasing profits which were generated on the resale of their works. The EC Resale Right Directive and the UK Regulations on ARR were implemented to rectify this situation and reward artists with a proportion of the resale price of their work.


You can determine the royalties generated from a sale by using the ACS ARR calculator.


Answers to questions like this can be found on our FAQ page. Alternatively, please contact a member of the ACS team who would be more than happy to assist you.