Please use the form below to submit information regarding eligible sales and transactions of work by ACS member artists. More information regarding eligibility and the submission process can be found here.


In the United Kingdom (UK), ARR continues to benefit living and deceased artists following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Resales of works by artists of UK and EEA (European Economic Area) nationalities, within copyright (either living or within 70 years of death), continue to be eligible for ARR royalties.


Following confirmation of your submission an invoice will be prepared and sent to the company address provided, detailing payment terms and instructions.


If submitting notification of ‘nil’ sales, please be sure to specify the period in question.


If you have more than 5 sales or transactions to submit, you may find it more convenient to download a digital version of this form here. This information may then be submitted electronically by emailing the completed form to


Alternatively, you may also send the form to our postal address.


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This calculator determines the amount of ARR to be paid on eligible transactions of original works of art.


For accurate results, enter the day when the transaction took place and the exact price excluding buyers’ premium and VAT. Please remember that ARR came into effect on 14th February 2006.

Royalties generated from sales between 14 February 2006 – 31 March 2024 will, as dictated by the UK Statutory Instrument, be calculated using the exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank. Royalties from sales from 1 April onwards must, in line with The Design Right, Artist’s Resale Right and Copyright (Amendment) Regulations 2023, be calculated in GBP. Any transactions prior to this date cannot be calculated. Any indication of the royalty payable provided by ACS must be treated as an estimate until the actual price and exchange rate are known.


Please consult the sliding scale on the ARR Calculator Page to see how the royalty amount is calculated.


Please note: dates prior to 2006 will not be recognised.
 These rates are updated on a daily basis at 4pm.  

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